Make $$!

The team around here wish to promote the site for the benefit of all concerned and to do that we decided to offer a cash incentive to those users of the site who would like to participate!

Money Bag Here to make you smile, embracing all things entertaining and creating laughter is at the core of what we do but in order to do that we need to put our fun little photo effects website in front of as many eyes as we possibly can. We need you the visitors here to get out there and spread the good word about what we offer and how it can enhance and make fun their photographic images prior to uploading them to their favorite social media platforms.

With all manner social media playing an increasingly larger role in our respective worlds, there has never been a more opportune time for us to get creative and share our seamless looking images in the wink of an eye with our friends. Our carefully created effects simply never fail to amuse. You can be a fabulous piece of international artwork, a cover girl or guy, or maybe become your most favorite superhero, there really is no limit to your genius.

How You Ask?

Please PostEasy, our promotion rewards those who post to any and all the social media platforms where our branding is displayed, checkout this link here.

1 - For every ten posts in that format we will pay into your PayPal account the very tidy sum of USD$5.00 which is umm, quite excellent, yes?

2 - Visit the PixEffecter site and jazz up one of your images and then post to FB or any other social media site you happen to use.

3 - When you have done that send us an email at containing links to where your posts have been made.

4 - We will confirm they exist and for every 10 posts we will pay five dollars into your nominated PayPal account ... HOW EASY IS THAT?

We reserve the right to end the promotion at any time and vet any links for authenticity and please keep in mind that if your links go down, SO DOES YOUR PAYPAL BALANCE!

Soo, if you wanna play fair and earn a bit of extra cash, then get off ya butts and dust off the 'ole keyboard and start PixEffecting NOW.
Thank You

Cheers, good luck and happy photo editing ... The PixEffecter Team.